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Standard Salt Mining Company is the leading Manufacturers, Producer, Suppliers, Exporters and Traders of Himalayan Edible Salt in Lahore Pakistan. Standard Salt found in year 1999, and we Producing, Processing and Crushing the Finest Himalayan Natural Salt from the last 17 years. We started our first Salt Crushing Unit in Lahore in year 1999 and because of our customer’s trust and more demand we expand our Salt Production from one unit to three Pure Himalayan Edible Salt Units in Pakistan. To make sure we meet our customer’s satisfaction we expand our process a step further and start our Salt Mining Process in Kalabagh with a new Edible Salt Crushing Unit (one of the biggest Himalayan Salt reserves in the world).

We love our business and we define our own best salt mining process in mountains with three salt crushing units in Lahore and one in Kalabagh.

We believe in delivering our Himalayan Edible Salt Supplies all over the World on timely basis according to customer’s requirements.We measure our performance by quality of services. We offer a wide range of Natural Edible Salt that include Himalayan Edible Pink SaltLight Pink SaltWhite Salt and Halite SaltOrganic Edible Salt that is known for its high quality and great taste in the food.

Standard Salt Company Successfully Supplying and Exporting the Pure Finest Himalayan Edible Salt to the International Salt Importers of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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    Dark Pink Salt

Himalayan Dark Pink Salt


    Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Himalayan-White-Salt-Halite-Crystal-Chunks-Coarse-Rocks-Blocks-Crushed-Bulk-Salt-Suppliers-Traders-Exporters

    White Salt

Himalayan White Salt


    Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps


    Salt Tiles

Himalayan Salt Tiles


    Salt Decorations

Himalayan Salt Decorations


Standard Salt Mining Company is a certified and executing International Quality Standards ISO-9001, HACCP, FDA and regularly consults with PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) to maintain distinctive value in making pure himalayan salt products with export quality packing.

StandardSalt Certificate ISO 9001-2015
Standard Salt Certified Himalayan Edible Salt Exporter Trader and Supplier in Pakistan


We measure our performance by quality of services. We offer international quality standards in wide range of  Pure Himalayan Salt include Best Dark Pink Salt, Top Pink Salt, Finest Light Pink Salt, High Quality White Salt, Best Quality Halite Salt, Awesome Salt Lamps, Cooking Tiles and  Salt Decorations. Standard Salt known for its high quality and great taste in the food.


Read or download the complete Catalogue of StandardSalt Products in high quality. We are updating constantly our products as per our customers requirements and based on latest technologies. We never compromise on product quality. We believe in delivering Himalyan Salt supplies all over the world on timely basis.