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Himalayan Pink Salt Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader & Exporter from Pakistan
Your Unfailing Pink Himalayan
Salt Partner
Since 1999
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Himalayan Salt in Bulk and Wholesale from Pakistan
Production Capacity of
5000 M.Ton Per Month
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Himalayan Rock Salt Producer from Pakistan
Serving Brands & Businesses
Across the Globe
Since 1999
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Himalayan Salt Lamps, Lights and Decorations from Pakistani Salt Mining Company.
Bringing People Closer to Nature
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Standard Foods

Himalayan Rock Salt Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader & Exporter

Standard Salt Mining Company Producing High Quality Himalayan Rock Salt Products in Bulk & Wholesale

We are one of the leading Himalayan Salt Manufacturer, Bulk Salt Supplier & Rock Salt Exporter in Pakistan. Standard Salt mining company was established in 1999 in Lahore and has now grown into one of the largest Himalayan Salt Exporter from Pakistan. We are producing premium quality salt in bulk and exporting salt in wholesale prices to the international salt businesses that can safely supply to the end consumer.

Bulk Himalayan Pink Salt Supplier | Wholesale Salt Exporter | Rock Salt Manufacturer

Who We Are

Standard Salt Mining Company was established in 1999. As Himalayan Salt Producer, we invest heavily in making better approaches to serve our clients, regardless of whether its creating inventive strategies to lift the quality of rock salt products, or improving our delivery and appropriation procedures to address your issues.

Our Accreditations

Certified himalayan salt company in pakistan

Quality Control is an essential part of Standard Salt’s culture and is fundamental to how we approach our business, every day.

Himalayan Salt tastes better when you know
where it came from

Pure Himalayan salt is a type of salt which is extracted from foothills of the Himalayas, Khewra Salt Mine, Pakistan. Standard Salt owns a large mine and we make sure our salt delivery for our clients which will never get disturbed.

rock salt
Mine To Table

We own the Salt Mines in Khewra Pakistan & control the unbroken process of Himalayan Salt Manufacturing.  

Himalayan rock Salt Products

Diverse Range of Finest & Pure Pink Himalayan Salt Products 

serving salt industry since 1999


Our 400+ working force performed from producing 5000+ M/T Himalayan Rock Salt production to 40+ Exporting Countries and 100+ Serving Clients.

+ Exporting Countries
M/T Production Capacity
+ Workforce
+Serving clients

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