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Black Salt

Himalayan Black Salt

Widely used as a staple in Pakistani and Indian cuisine, black salt has a unique, distinctive flavor and smell that when added in the right quantity, enhances the taste of the food exponentially. Standard Salt are proud exporter, manufacturers, and suppliers of the authentic Himalayan Black Salt in its highest quality.

Never compromising on our quality standards, the salts extracted by us from the Khewra mines are passed through multiple quality tests and purifying procedures. We ensure that our customers only get the best there is to offer and our standard is never brought into question.

Being the leading black salt manufacturers, we at Standard Salt work endlessly to provide Himalayan salt that doesn’t contain any ecological toxins or anti-caking properties. Our black salt is known for being good on the digestive system, help with poor eyesight and calm down hysteria. The Himalayan Black Salt has only 60% sodium which is considerably lower than regular table salt, making it the ideal choice for individuals opting for low sodium diets.

Bringing healthier and more beneficial products to our customers is the driving force behind the team at Standard Salt which is why we offer black salt wholesale without ever compromising on the quality. Your health is what matters to us!

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