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Edible Salt

Himalayan Pink Edible Salt

Some 250 years ago, ancient oceans deposited sea salts at the foothills of gigantic mountain range as it was being formed. Staying covered for hundreds of years by ice and snow, these deposits remain free of any modern age pollutants and toxins.

Standard Salt takes it upon themselves to have this miracle of nature delivered straight from the salt mines to our customers. Being the largest pink salt manufacturers, we take pride in our quality standards and premium coarse salt wholesale products. Himalayan salt is the natural, most perfect, unprocessed and toxin free salt accessible. It contains 84 minerals and components that are basic for our wellbeing. It adjusts the body’s pH level, helps vitality level, balances out circulatory strain and improves hydration.

While picking edible pink salt, you ought to be cautious in your choice as table salt would end up being harmful for your body. Then again, Himalayan salt doesn’t contain any ecological toxins or anti-caking agents.

With all the health benefits pink salt has to offer, Standard Salt makes it a duty to ensure it’s safe accessibility to our valued customers.

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