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himalayan salt PRODUCTS

We Provide All Ranges of Himalayan Natural Salt Products at Competitive Prices with Quality and Customer Care Services. Our Products Range Includes Natural & Crafted Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps, Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Salt Candle/ Tea Light Holders, Himalayan Salt Iron & Wooden Basket Lamps, Himalayan Salt Aromatherapy Lamps/ Diffusers, Himalayan Edible Salt/ Table Salt/ Cooking Salt/ Granular Salt, Bath Salt, Industrial Salt, Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab/ Block, Himalayan Salt Utensils, Himalayan Salt Night Lights, Animal Salt Licks, Himalayan Salt Bricks, Blocks, Tiles for Salt Cave & Sauna Room Construction, Himalayan Salt Massaging Stones, Salt Pillows, Salt Inhalers and other Spa Products, Pink/ Dark Pink/ White/ Grey Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps And A Wide Range Of Custom Produced Products.