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Himalayan Salt Process

pink course salt

Bringing the highest quality in the purest form of Himalayan Salt for Retailers, Manufacturers & Consumers alike!

Standard Salt® is the main provider of all-common, food-grade Himalayan pink salt. We produce our own Salt Company brands for both retail and wholesale clients, and supply Bulk Himalayan Salt to manufacturers and food processors, as well as to private label clients who package and sell salt under their own brands.

Our unrivaled promise to quality and sanitation makes our pink salt the absolute best on the planet.


Extracting salt from its purest form

All Himalayan pink salt is mined only in Pakistan, in the foothills of Himalayan mountain ranges at Khewra, one of the oldest and largest salt mines in the world. The mine where we source our Himalayan salt is an intently watched, super facility. We’ve gone through over 10 years assembling a solid relationship with a respectable, FDA-enrolled miner that has provided us with unlimited supply of the raw salt from the mine to our facility to our clients.

When the raw salt is expelled from the mine, it is safely packaged in our efficient bags and shipped straightforwardly to our modern salt processing units in various areas of Pakistan. To keep up our strict Food Safety and quality principles, all auxiliary processing and packaging of the entirety of our salt items is constantly done here, utilizing our propriety innovation, machinery and exceptionally talented, trained salt specialists.

What Makes Us The Best?​

Regardless of the customer’s position and standing in the industry, our level of commitment to providing standard quality Himalayan Pink Salt remains unwavered.

Our Pink Salt Processing Technology and arrangements are the biggest reason of our massive popularity among manufacturers, suppliers, co-packers, retailers and customers. Food manufacturers and processors are dependent upon the industry’s’ guidelines and outsider auditing processes.

Our mind boggling and point by point salt preparing framework incorporates sifters, suction apparatuses, the most grounded uncommon earth magnets in the business, de-dusters, chemical examination testing, metal discovery, and our elite Optically Clean Technology. These procedures investigate each grain of salt that enters our unit, evacuating insoluble issue, foreign materials and precious stones that don’t fulfill our severe guidelines—all while never utilizing synthetic substances or handling agents that adjust the salt.

We do not add any additives, preservatives or coloring agents to our salts, we simply remove the impurities.

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