History of Himalayan Salt
history of himalayan salt, Standard Salt is authentic Trader, Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Himalayan Salt Products in Pakistan & USA

History of Himalayan Salt

History of Himalayan Salt

history of himalayan salt, Standard Salt is authentic Trader, Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Himalayan Salt Products in Pakistan & USA
History of Himalayan salt, Standard Salt is authentic Trader, Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Himalayan Salt Products in Pakistan & USA

History of Himalayan Salt – The Himalayan salt is undisputed the cleanest and the purest salt available on the planet earth where we are living right now. There are several, In fact, countless benefits of this salt that are not only linked directly with our health but also great for the environment. To understand why this salt type has gained a lot of popularity all around the world and why it is said to be the world’s purest salt, we have to look into the History of Himalayan Salt , the health benefits that it offers, and its uses as well.

History of Himalayan Rock Salt

About 250 million years ago, there was a primal sea that dried up under the energy of the sun. This salt is absolutely the same in composition to that ancient primal sea. But due to the movement of the earth plates, the gigantic, beautiful, and one of the highest mountains of the world (Himalayan Mountains) covered that primal ocean. Researchers believe that under the immense pressure and the heat of the sun, the water of the primal ocean evaporated and as a result, the Himalayan Rock Salt was formed that is also known as the Himalayan salt or Himalayan pink salt.

The researchers have discovered that this salt is naturally packed with mineral-dense properties and because of its minerals and the bio-compounds, it has the strength to offer a number of health benefits and it can be used as a natural remedy for many health problems. This salt is good because this is not cut into pieces by using lesser compounds and it never goes through any kind of chemical process. Keeping the entire mineral and bio-compounds intact, this salt has the power to get you a healthy life and environment.


Himalayan Salt Health Benefits:

There are various health benefits of using the Himalayan salt. This salt can control the level of the water within the human body and can regulate them for the proper functioning. This can promote the stable pH balance in cells, including the brain and will encourage an excellent blood sugar health. The pink salt is also good for reducing the signs of aging and can encourage the creation of the cellular hydroelectric energy. It will help to encourage the increased absorption capacities of the food elements inside the intestinal tract.

The pink salt has the properties to improve the vascular health and will help the healthy respiratory functions. This salt is just great for the sinus issues and can reduce cramps, and also increase the bone strength. This will also encourage healthier sleep patterns and can create a healthy libido. The Himalayan crystal salt also promotes the kidney and the gall bladder health, when compared to the common salts that are treated chemically. The Himalayan salt is also great for the environment as it has the capabilities to emit negative ions in the air that can purify the air from the impurities and the other pollutants that cause the health issues and environmental pollution.

You should know that the common processed salt is a health destroyer because of its chemicals and that is why the Himalayan salt is best among all the available types of salt because of its purity and 84 minerals that are naturally found in it.

Uses of Himalayan Crystal Salt:

The Himalayan pink salt is used for different purposes and because of its health benefits, it is recognized as one of the most powerful natural sources for the natural remedies and the health benefits. Different companies use this salt to manufacture a number of Himalayan Salt Products that are good for the human health, environment and there is also a variety of also be used as the decor products. Here are a few uses of Himalayan salt:

1- Salt Lamps (Natural Air Purifying)

When salt is heated in certain environments under certain conditions, then can produce the negative ions in the air. When companies carve Himalayan salt into the unique and attractive salt lamps, then they place a light source (a bulb) in inside space of the carved lamp. That light lamp produces light through the electricity when we plug it into the electric switch. When you place your salt lamp in your bedroom (these salt lamps are intended to use only in indoor environments), then they will purify the indoor air with the help of the negative ions. The negative ions are generated when the salt lamp becomes warm and the base of the lamp will evaporate water that is the cause of negative ions.

2- Cooking Salt Plates

The Himalayan rock salt is also used to make the salt plates that are often recognized as the salt block or Himalayan pink plates that can be used to cook food and can also be used to serve food. These salt plates are carved in different shapes such as round, square and in brick shapes and these plates are becoming popular all around the world for their health benefits because of the 84 minerals that are naturally found in the pink salt. Today, we can witness a number of top restaurants and hotels serving food on such plates and this is because they have recognized the importance of this unique thing. Alongside the health benefits, they are also a unique and attractive way to serve food that will definitely catch the attention of the visitors whom you have invited for dinner.

3- Seasoning and Edible Salt

Because of its “mineral dense” nature, one of the biggest advantages of this salt type is to use this salt as a replacement to your traditional salt that is a processed salt. If you are using a processed salt that’s minerals and the other natural elements are taken away from it by getting it through a specific chemical process, then it can prove lethal to your health and you are expected to get a number of health issues. On the other hand, the companies have recognized the importance of Himalayan rock salt and that has encouraged them to offer a variety of edible salts and the Himalayan salt seasoning to their clients so that they can get the power of the real salt that is needed for the human body functions.

For instance, if you are using the Himalayan salt in your recipes and you are getting an adequate amount of it on a regular basis, and then it will help you lower the high blood pressure and it can also assist your body functions to work appropriately. It will also help you regulate the circulation in your body, and while you inject 84 minerals into your bloodstream via your diet, then it will offer some additional benefit such as regular blood circulation, regular heartbeats, strengthening the bones and many others.

4- Salt Bath Products

Companies are manufacturing different Bath Salt products and this version of the salt is great for the mineral soak and detoxification. The body odors and the unwanted smell can be wiped away by using the salt detoxifies and a mineral soak through salt bath can be a great way to inject all the 84 minerals of the Himalayan salt to your bloodstream through the bath. The Himalayan salt crystals are added to the lukewarm water and after the salt bath, then minerals will absorb through the skin to strengthen your body functions and to make you healthier.

5- Salt Therapy & Salt Inhaler (Medical Benefits)

For millions of years, the salt therapies are in practice and Chinese tradition is one of the top traditions who believe in the magical remedies by the salt. Right from the ancient times, the salt therapy is producing great results in getting relief from a number of health issues such as asthma, stress, getting relaxed and the inhalation therapy. This has come that far and now we can witness the salt air inhalers that are considered to be one of the top natural remedies for the patients of asthma and the ones who have the problems in breathing. Companies are using the Himalayan salt air inhalers because they know there is no other salt that has as many health benefits and advantages as the Himalayan rock salt has.

6- The Home Decor Products

Apart from the products that are intended for the health, the Himalayan salt is also used to make a number of home décor items that can be used to enhance the inside beauty of your home. However, these decorative products will still offer some health benefits. A salt lamp is something that is equally good for both decoration and health problems like sinus, asthma, and a number of other things. Apart from a salt lamp, there are many other products available in the market that can be used for home décor. For instance, different companies are using this salt to manufacture candle lamps, candle holders, salt baskets, and a number of other salt-made decorative items that can be used to decorate the home in a unique and health-friendly way.

So, the Himalayan rock salt is here to play a key role in the health development, environment cleaning, natural remedy, and décor world because of its unique benefits and features. Salt is necessary, but it has to be the right version of salt that you choose for your cooking. And Himalayan salt is that version of the salt that you can use in your cooking and also decorate your home with the décor items made from it. Anything that is made from this salt will get you a bundle of health advantages in style!

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