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Lick Salt

Himalayan Lick Salt

The natural treasure found in the heart of Khewra mines in the Himalayan Mountains is not just for humans. Your cattle can benefit from it as well.

Mined from the huge and antiquated Himalayan Mountains, these licks are a 550 million year old wellspring of minerals and trace minerals for your pony or horse. The particular rose pink shading originates from the salt’s high mineral composition, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are on the whole imperative for maintaining wellbeing.

Mass-created salt licks are delivered utilizing salt with minerals included during the assembling procedure, however that is not the case with Himalayan salt processed by Standard Salts.

Animal licks we process, have all the minerals already present inside the salt. Himalayan stone salt licks are actually “rock hard,” implying that ponies and horses can’t nibble lumps off the square, an issue that can happen with gentler “pressed” salt licks. These licks are additionally progressively climate safe, which implies they can be securely left outside in the field for ponies to “self-portion.”

Standard Salt takes pride in the quality standards followed to deliver cattle salt and animal licks that ensure perfect health of your cattle.

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